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What Happened to the Tejon Location?

Much to our dismay, we must inform you that we will not be re-opening our location in the Ivywild Neighborhood. Our long saga begins back in April when we had to vacate our Cheyenne Rd store so the property could be redeveloped. We soon found space to lease at 1645 S Tejon, formally the Blue Star Restaurant. We had to apply for a zoning variance to be allowed to move to this new location. It was a lengthy and exhausting process, but a successful one. On May 29th we were given final approval to move forward with our project.

By mid-July, the landlords had yet to begin the build out of our unit. They could not produce a set of plans or evidence that any permits had been pulled. We asked for a timeline, updates, anything to give us an idea of when we could re-open our store. At the end of July, the landlords dropped a bomb. After this long process and months of work, the landlords announced they would not honor their agreement to lease us the building. The building is owned by Joseph Coleman and Mike Bristol (the same people who own Bristol Brewery in Ivywild).

According to Joseph, Mike Bristol and his wife Amanda, in the eleventh hour, announced they had reservations about leasing to a marijuana business. Needless to say, we were devastated. We spent so much time, money and energy on a project that would never come to fruition. We were devastated that the only prospect of staying in the Ivywild area had evaporated. And we were hit with the very real possibility of losing our license.

Marijuana business licenses are premise based. This means that if the license does not have a premise, by virtue of lease or deed, the license is revoked and, in Colorado Springs, cannot be reissued. Our old location on Cheyenne Rd was long gone and our new landlords were backing out. So there we were, scrambling to find a new home for our license. We found this new home at 8025 N. Academy Blvd, in front of Wal-Mart next to the Chapel Hills Mall. While we are sad to leave our old neighborhood behind, we are optimistic that Pure Medical will have a bright future at our new location. We offer our sincerest apologies to our wonderful and loyal patients who were eagerly waiting our return to the south end of town. We searched high and low for a place to lease near our old location. But unfortunately, with zoning restrictions and lack of available space (with landlords who are willing or able to lease to marijuana businesses) we just did not have any opportunity to remain in that area.

We hope you will continue to shop with us at our Rockrimmon store or come see us at our new N. Academy store. We anticipate opening in this location around December 1st. We understand that for some of you commuting to these stores will not be possible. While this makes us sad we
are glad for the friendships we have made and the opportunity to serve you over the last decade.

We appreciate each and every one of you.

All the best,
Pure Medical Management & Staff


Good news and a silver lining… After a year long process we finally opened our new store at 8025 N Academy Blvd. It’s all stocked up with your favorite flower, edibles and topical!